April 29, 2005

I am annoyed and a little disappointed at the moment. I mean how hard to you track someone in an office? For those who don’t know you’re probably thinking “Okay, what is this cabo talking about???”

Well, today I had a somewhat of an appointment with someone at a hotel. A highly prestigious international hotel but I’m not going to say the name on here. I got to the hotel lobby at between 3.10pm – 3.15pm (as asked), went to the receptionist and asked to see so and so person from so and so department. He then proceeded to call this person…and this is where the ‘fun’ begins.

First problem, it took the receptionist about 5 minutes or so tracking down the person before asking us to have a seat (I was with a friend). “No one is answering the phone. I’ll keep trying for you” is what the guy said. Then he asked if I was there for an interview. I was dressed in a black shirt and jeans. “Does it freaking look like I’m here for an interview?!?!?” was my first thought. But being a somewhat civilized person I am (heh) I smiled and politely said “No”. Anyway, receptionist guy (whose name shall be anonymous) asked me to have a seat. Yeah, I sure did sit…for 30 freaking minutes!!!

Nonetheless, I’ll give the other lady who was working at the lobby credit. She probably saw us sitting there for quite some time and came by to ask if we were waiting for anyone. So again I told her I wanted to see so and so from so and so department. But she couldn’t get hold of that person either, telling me the same thing the guy said. In essence, to wait, which we did. All in all I waited at the lobby for 45 minutes or so before finally meeting the person I intended to.

How you ask? Well I soon got hold of my aunt who got hold of that person I was suppose to meet. And meet we did. I explained to her the situation. She was baffled and asked “They could’ve contacted me on my mobile phone”. So the question remains “Why didn’t they?” Mobile number not listed in their systems? Could be a reason…but whose fault is that? Management? But then, if it wasn’t listed then why did the lady surprised they didn’t contact her on her cell phone? Is it just me or is is just plain incompetence? I noticed that the hotel had a lot of foreigners in suits walking around. My guess is they’re in the upper management departments. Now does that tell you something? Well, it certainly tells me that Malaysians are not up to the standard in the service sector and we still need foreigners to help run operations smoothly and maintain a certain set of international standards. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m a supporter of “Malaysia BOLEH!” but sometimes people here do things that annoy me so much.

BLEH We will never know now will we? For me it’s a little sad to see such a ‘prestigious’ hotel name go down the drain like that, at least for a few more days until I’m done fuming over it. Heh. I’ll probably forget about in a couple days. This post may seem harsh for some but bear in mind this is my blog, my opinions, my thoughts, my expressions. You have been warned on the top of the blog. As always I welcome comments and whatnot. TV time for me…toodles~~~

5 responses to “BLEH”

  1. Anonymous says:

    is tat guy a hua na or la kia?? sometimes even in prestiguous hotel, u can see that their staffs are not really up to certain standards.

  2. linda says:

    is tat a hua na or lakia?? hehe…whatever.. i do agree tat some prestigiuos hotel still hire unproductive staffs…

  3. ~FiOn~ says:

    That guy is a ‘la kia’…….’Teng lang’ wont be that unproductive…..rite or not??

  4. Shin says:

    I think the guy is huana lah..the name is Mohd **** then the girl is lakia loh. *sigh* The service sucks a little lah!

  5. ~FiOn~ says:

    is ‘huana’ hia??? hahahah..dunno wor..i just know he is dark nia..

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