Fishy Fishy…I mean selfishness

May 4, 2005

Somehow I am inspired to write something about selfishness today. Why, you ask me? Well, come on, this world is filled with people who are selfish and want everything from themselves.

As long as it serves them, people will lie, cheat and steal to get what they want and in the process of that it hurts other people. So yeah…selfishness SUCKS! YEAH! You selfish people out there…YOU SUCK! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I think I feel better now. =D

I’ve come across people who are so selfish that they keep things to themselves like important/worthy information. They seem to think that if such ‘important-life-threatening-info’ (being sarcastic here…there was never any life-threatening-info heh) will lead to their defeat of some sort. For example, I’ve had a ‘friend’ in class who was (is) disgustingly KIASU that she refuses to share any information she has regarding notes and/or assignments and whatnot. The word competitive doesn’t even begin to describe this person. It is my observation that such attitude is purely ridiculous.

Why? Well, first of all, no one will be great FOREVER…read my lips NO-ONE (Come on, look at the United States…oopsies no offense to Americans heh). Second of all, my response to such a person is of the same thing; “If you don’t wanna share, why should I share with you? BLEHHHHHHHHHH and kiss my ass while you’re at it”. I believe that eventually I will know something better (yes my childish side is out [RUN!!!])…I have better info than you neener neener neener..I win) and if I don’t share with such selfish person…it’ll leave them in the ditch eventually. YES!!! Hey…it’s mean…but TOUGH LUCK.

Your attempt to avoid being knocked on the head with a hammer has caused you to fall behind, stuck in mud…hair all tangled with mud (ewwwww) and get peed on by animals. Twisted? Yeah, I know. I’m weird like that, sometimes.

Lots of people out there have different attitudes towards life. That’s why I’m a little choosy (hmmmm just got an idea for a post…choosy-ness) when it comes to calling people my friends. It’s not everyday you find someone you ‘click’ with and I really appreciate my friends (when they don’t piss me off that is HEH).

For most, you won’t understand what I’m trying to point out unless you know me personally (I think). All I’m saying is that selfishness doesn’t pay off in the end. Sure you’ll get what you want NOW (or until next week…whatever) but eventually I trust that God (or whoever higher force you believe in) will give you what you ‘deserve’.

I welcome all comments. Shin out.

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