May 8, 2005

I just checked my StatCounter and found out that I have people looking at my blog from Singapore, Germany, New Zealand, Austria etc. No doubt their length of stay was less than a minute but I’m really surprised hehehe. It’s good to know I get hits from people around the world.

So if this is your first time reading my blog, feel free to drop a comment..anything. At least let me know if my blog was entertaining or boring or anything at all! =D

I had Mother’s Day dinner with my parents, brother and his uninvited friends (4 of them) *roll eyes* I will never understand my brother (the hemorrhoid he is) but I shall not dwell on such time-wasting subject for this moment.

I didn’t get my mom anything for this Mother’s Day. Then again I haven’t gotten her anything for Mother’s Day for a long time already. I remembered when I was little I’d buy her cards and whatnot. She would look at me and told me “it’s a waste of money”. So of course as a kid I was upset at that comment. That’s why up til this day I haven’t gave her anything for this holiday.

On a different note, I will be away for a few days this week so don’t be expecting me to blog for at least a 3 days this week. But when I return I shall have stories to tell and pictures to post, so keep a lookout.

I just finished watching the premier of The Apprentice 3 on tv. I’ve always liked that show but I do wonder about somethings about it. Why are all the men and women so “perfect”. I mean look at the women, with their slim curvy bodies, suits and all. Another thing, they aren’t that bad looking either. I guess that’s the thing about tv huh? And then there’s the attitude of the women…some are just so BITCHY I can’t stand it. Oh well, I suppose if there aren’t any catfights no one would wanna watch it huh? Hehehe

Anyhow, I’m off to the land of dreams now and hopefully dream of nice things…especially Robbie..heh =D Nightie night readers.

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