May 14, 2005

When I got home Thursday night (from the short trip to KL), I was surprised when my back neighbours called out for me from their house. I was alarmed. Apparently, there is a big hole in my back yard fence, a hole big enough for a person to crawl right into my back yard. Someone decided to break in to our house while we were gone.

According to the neighbours they had seen the hole on Wednesday afternoon. That leads me to believe that someone had decided to break into my house on Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning (in the dark) because no one would be that stupid to try to break in an entry in broad daylight, right? Thank God for my dog who probably scared them off because our doors were untouched. Stupid thieves probably was on their way in…saw my dog and RAN for their lives. I hope to dear God that my dog at least bit them somewhere. I really do. Fortunately, nothing got stolen. My mom thinks that they just wanted to take the jeans and shirts we had hanging outside while we were away.

Vertical angle of my fence

But you know what? These people ARE stupid.

Mistake #1: There’s a big (6’X6’) dog cage at the back of the house. How can they NOT know there is a dog in the house???

Mistake #2: You may say “Well maybe they didn’t see the dog house?” Well then that’s an even MORE stupid stunt. Why??? Well if you were to break into someone’s house, a smart person (thief) would scope out the condition of the house first THEN plan some sneaky (stupid) scheme…am I not right???

Mistake #3: If they had scoped out, they have would known there is a dog in the house and that they would’ve been prepared to do something to the dog (not that I want something bad to happen to the Shadow…I love him to bits!) if they REALLY wanted to break in.

I’m just simply pointing out what a lousy crime this is. I am of course thankful that nothing got stolen and my dog’s okay. I just can’t seem to get over (yet) how stupid these people are. If you wanna be a thief, at LEAST be good at it and BE PREPARED. Geez I can’t believe I’m giving thieves advice on how to do their job. *disgusted look*

My parents and I believe that this is an act of the construction workers that are working on the new phase of homes not too far from our area. I told my mom I wanted to put a note on the fence, saying something to the extent of “If you ever come back my dog will destroy any of your future attempts to have offspring!” But my mom looked at me and said, “You think this people know how to read ah???” I looked down, disappointed, such a great idea flushed down the septic tank. (NOT!)

To thieves, even if most of you can’t READ or WRITE (BLEH), I wish you all the worst luck in the world while breaking in an entry in ANY home. I also hope that every house you attempt to steal from has a dog that bites your crotch or ass. I know I hoped that my dog bit the person(s) who tried to get in the house (in VERY important places).

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