KL Trip with pictures too! =D

May 16, 2005

As some know I was away for a few days. I took a short trip to KL with my parents and we had a lot of fun. When we reached KL on Tuesday, we were picked up by a ‘cab’, went for lunch and then an hour drive up to Genting Highlands, the so-called City of Entertainment and such. It was SO foggy on the way up. I couldn’t see what was ahead. I can’t describe it in words. I’ll let you judge based on the pictures.

By the time we reached Genting it was just after 3pm. We stayed at the Genting Hotel. There are 4 other hotels in Genting i.e First World Plaza, Theme Park Hotel, Resort Hotel, Highlands Hotel, and Awana Hotels & Resorts. The Genting Hotel lobby was nice and the room was BIG. I must say I was very satisfied with the room. It was a LOT bigger than I expected with a beautiful view of KL, which I took lots of pictures of, of course. Heh =D

Each hotel is connected together through pathways and escalators and underground walk ways, with signs and all that which makes it so much easier to go to places. My parents and I walked around to each hotel and I still like Genting Hotel’s lobby. In addition, each hotel has its own shopping mall AND casinos. Shopping in Genting isn’t that bad. Lots of varieties but I’m pretty sure prices are cheaper down in KL.

Something caught my eye as I walked through the First World Plaza shopping mall…SNOW WORLD! I was excited. I wanted to go in and see what’s going on even if I have to pay over RM30 to go in! But then, as I walked closer to the entrance to get tickets…there was a sign…a sign that shattered my hopes and dream. It read “CLOSED from 9/5/05 – 15/5/05”. I was like “WHAT??!??!!??!?!! WHY??!?!?!?! OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!” Figures, renovations HAD to take place the day I got there. No Snow World fun for Shin! BLEH BLEH BLEH

Then there was an “Indoor Theme Park”. It turns out to be an archade. I put my 10 bucks into work, in exchage for 10 tokens. I put my money on those machines they had tokens inside and every time you put a token in it’ll push more tokens down the ‘valley’ in hopes that everything will just slide out of the machine. Know what I mean? I suck at describing and I don’t know what those machines are called. I spent 10 bucks on that only to get some tickets to exchange for stuff because apparently, if you don’t win anything on the machines you play at, they give you tickets. In total, I received 60 tickets. And guess what I got? A notebook…a LITTLE notebook…with an elephant on the cover. UGH

Anyway, as I said each hotel has its own casino *snicker* and I am guilty of gambling heh. But it’s just on the slot machines and I got really lucky on a few machines cos I actually hit a mini jackpot on one of the machines which landed me over RM300 =D Now how cool is that?!?! Another cool thing is that when I went past security to go in the casinos, all of them asked for ID. YES! I don’t look old enough to go into a casino!!! I’m so happy. Hahahaha It was probably standard procedures but I feel good about it either way! Teeheehee. =D

The next day about 11am we checked out of the hotel. We took the cable car down to the station. The view was spectacular. I took pictures like a mad man LOL When we reached the cable station we took a cab down to KL with a cab from there. Thank goodness there weren’t any traffic jams on the way down. We stopped by Ampang for their famous Yong Tau Fu. I’m not much a fan of Yong Tau Fu but it was not bad.

Nothing interesting in KL as it was just shopping malls and meals, so not much to talk about there. We stayed at the Federal Hotel, which is the oldest hotel in the country. Lots of pictures of our first Prime Minister in their lobby. Blah blah blah. Nothing interesting really. I bought some shoes, hairclips, etc. I ate like a pig. Muffins, ice cream, junk food of all. I had the ice cream in Genting Highlands. I saw Baskin Robbins and SQUEALED!!! Heh I had my fix of Twinberry Cheesecake ice cream and I was darn right happy and hyper all the way. =D As we stayed around Bukit Bintang Area, the malls I went to were BB Plaza, Sungai Wang Plaza and Berjaya Times Square (largest mall in Malaysia).

Have a look at the pictures below. *points* Shin over and out.

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