Cikgu Chai?!?!?!

May 31, 2005

Ok I know I’ve not post in ages but I have a very good reason for that. I got a job. =D Drumroll please…

Yes…I am now a teacher, just a temporary teacher for St Thomas until they find a permanent one to take over the extra Lower 6 class they opened for the flooding of students (literally). I started working last week (Wednesday). Went into classes on Thursday but didn’t teach as all of them were still jumping from one class to another, deciding where they wanna go. By Friday, I started a couple of lessons. What subject am I teaching you ask? BM and Sejarah Malaysia for Lower 6. =D

Initially I didn’t think I’d get the job cos I never took History in Form 6 so the vice principal was a little hessitant to take me in. But after I left the school, I was informed to come by the next day. Hehehehe

I know, weird isn’t it? Moi, a teacher? Never would I have dreamt I’d be a teacher…why you ask? Well, if you’re my friend you’d know because I’ve always said this “I can never be a teacher, I don’t have the patience. It’s either I kill the kids first or the kids kill me first” Hehehehe

Ironically now I’m excited to get this job. Not only is the pay good, the working hours are a lot shorter too than normal jobs. So, I’m kinda glad I got this job even though it’s not my first choice of a career. But, I doubt I’ll be involved in this job for a long time as it’s only a temporary position. I suppose I’ll quit at the end of the school year if they can’t find a permanent teacher by then as it’s the more responsible thing to. Don’t wanna leave the students hanging without a teacher to finish up the syllabus.

Weirdest part about this job is that I’m teaching the daughter of my teacher from Primary school. It’s just ironic for me. Hehe.

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