I love MidValley MegaMall

June 2, 2005

I came back from KL last night. My dad had a meeting there and had left for KL Tuesday morning. So, my mom and I flew over in the morning.

We took the train from KLIA to KL Central to meet him there and then we took the LRT to Midvalley Megamall *drool* I love that place. It’s so freakingly huge. It has absolutely everything and anything that I like which is why I love it so much. I bought shoes shoes and more shoes. LOL I’m starting to be like my mom. She’s shoe crazy. You guys should see her shoe collection. There are nice shoes and then there are the ugly ones in my opinion.

A friend from high school whom I’ve not seen in a year or two met up with me there and spent most of the day with my parents and myself, carrying my shopping bags *snicker* I did tell him that if he wanted to leave, it’s ok since he looked bored but he didn’t leave anyway saying he was meeting someone there later that day. Oh well. =D

We took the 10.30pm flight back to Kuching and I was in first class!!! It was my first time in FIRST class heh Even the flight attendant looked nicer than in economy class. They call you by your last name…e.g “Miss Chai, what would you like for dinner? We have chicken and rice, fish and rice and roti *something*.” AND they have like a cushion thingy for you to rest your legs on (which was heaven for me because I spent all day on my feet SHOPPING! My feet were aching!!!). The seats are HUGE compared to economy class.

Okay okay, I know I sound like a little girl who has never been in first class…wait a minute I AM a girl who never went on first class so BLEH! I enjoyed it as much as I could. Kept asking for “Sprite with a slice of lemon” or “Iced water with a slice of lemon” or “a blanket” or “extra pillows” etc. LOL It was a good experience though. At least, I have an idea on why people would wanna pay so much extra to be in first class.

Well I have to up in 8 hours. Going out tomorrow. YAY!

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