June 3, 2005

In loving memory…

This is a continuation of the hole in the fence story. Also, this will be a somber post. My dog died last Saturday at about 10.30 in the morning. I had errands to run prior to that and when I got home at about 9.30 he seemed okay. Just sitting by his cage, panting a lot more than usual. He hadn’t been eating a couple days before so we decided to call the vet to come have a look at him. A while after I got in the house, I thought about the dog and went downstairs to look for him. He wasn’t in his house…wasn’t in the yard…I was worried…walked to the front and there he was on the grass next to the fence, head faced down on the grass (the exact spot the dog before him died). Part of me died with him that day.

He was poisoned, according to symptoms described to the vet. I strongly believe it was the act of the people who tried to break into the house some weeks ago. His mouth was rotten and he was bleeding on top of the snout and near the eyes. It was horrible. I feel angry about how my dog died. He’s still a young one, only about 4 years of age. He still had a lot more years to go. I cried.

The vet was scheduled to check the dog out on Friday evening, but due to rain he called and said, “It was inconvenient” to do so. Ya know, this isn’t the first time this vet pulled a prank like that. A few years ago, we made an appointment with this same vet to come look at our dog. Again, he postponed the house call. That same evening, my dog of 9 years then, died.

Everyone who found out about this automatically thought it was the thief(s) who tried to break in that time we were out of town. My parents and I certainly think so.

So now what’s left is to hope and pray that my dog haunts this person for life. I hope this person dies as horrible as my dog if not worse. I hope his balls and winky rot and fall off. Sorry boys, for making you twitch and looking down at your groin. I’m sure yours won’t fall off…unless you’ve done something this terrible. =P

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