Fashion Prediction

June 7, 2005

Disclaimer: I shall not be liable for any damages from readers spiting water or any forms of liquids on their computer while reading this post.

Caution: Do not read after a heavy meal. Disgusting image ahead. If any side effects were to occur during the period of reading this post, please consult a doctor.

I predict the fashion of next fall. High-cut G-strings and low-cut hipster jeans. Here’s my model in her favorite stripe top and jeans. She looks absolutely stunning in this combination.

A friend who used another friend’s camera phone took this picture. I was unaware of this sight at first. As I was told to turn around and look, my first expression was *JAW DROP* I have nothing against those who wear g-strings…I mean it doesn’t affect me that you LIKE getting a wedgie. I know I don’t like that feeling but if you do, don’t let me stop you from wanting to feel such pleasure. *snicker*

I can’t really express in words how disgusted I feel when I look at that picture. How humiliating!!! I know I won’t be caught dead wearing a g-string in public. But should you choose to wear g-strings please wear appropriate ones, for the benefit of mankind. I don’t think everyone would enjoy your ass crack partially covered by a g-string. *twitch*

So the next time you go out for a meal AND wear high-cut g-strings with anything over it low-cut, beware…you never know I would be sitting right behind you with my friends who takes pictures of your backside.

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