June 11, 2005

Woohooooooooo! I just got back from a girls’ night out. I must say it was a very fun night. It’s been a while since I had that much fun with my friends.

The night started out a little chaotic because plans were altered as Fiona had to do some overtime at work so it was just me and Linda at VA until 9.30 or so. Ladies night started at 7pm and ended at 9pm. We paid RM5 to get in and have all the drinks we want. I had 3 glasses of vodka & mango juice. The bitterness of the vodka mixed with the sweetness of mango juice. I know, weird combination but I like it so BLEH. Linda got a little tipsy after her 4th drink; gin and mango juice. Hehe I was fine at 3 glasses, don’t know what would have happened on drink #4. Perhaps next time I’ll try to go for #4. *wink*

By about 9pm people started dancing and Linda and I were so tempted to go and shake some booty but we were afraid someone would take our table if we left it. So we waited until Fiona came, finished our drinks and just danced until 11 or so. It was a lot of fun. I will admit that some alchohol gave me the guts to dance on the dance floor hehe. I was just doing my own thing, didn’t really care if other people were watching. Plus, it was dark anyway.

I’m sure some would think that I, as a teacher, shouldn’t go to “such places” anymore. I disagree though because I’m still me. I love having a fun night out, dancing and some drinks. It’s not like I’m going out and getting wasted, waking up the next day wondering where I am. Then again, even if some people do that and not let it get in the way of their work it’s fine in my opinion, though it’s not really my cup of tea to do so. Just because I’m a (temp) teacher now, it doesn’t mean I’ll sit at home and read books every night wondering what dumb cheesy joke I’ll tell in class the next day to get their “undivided attention”. Of course, I won’t be going in classes and telling my students to go to this club or that club and order such and such drinks. I remember when I was in Form 6…I went out clubbing with my friends too and the last thing I want is my teachers knowing what we did over the weekend.

Well, my hair is dry and I cleaned the ear wax off my shoulders (It was really loud in the club). I should be getting ready for bed. I start working next Monday. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

One response to “*shake*shake*shake*”

  1. ~FiOn~ says:

    Yeah… Its a fun filled nite!! I like it!! Hehe.. Hope we can have such fun again.. Although we are 3 only, who says 3 people cant have fun?? All people were so high dancing there! Me too!
    Ya, pretty agree with what you write in your blog. No matter what is our occupation, I think the most important is we do our job well. Then who cares if you go to here n there? Its just kind of relaxation and entertainment. Omg, I dont hope to see you sitting in your room and reading those ‘history’ books on weekends!! OR JUST KILL ME!! wuahahhaaa

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