"I will never be a teacher…"

June 19, 2005

Yet my first job is a….TEACHER…Figures…

Yeah yeah yeah, I know…it’s been a week and no post?!?!

Give me a break, teaching is somewhat freakishly tiring for some reason. BLEH I wake up at about 5.30 every morning to get ready for work. By 6.20 I’m in the kitchen having my morning cup of coffee/milk/tea. And I frantically run out the door by 6.30, out of the house to sit in my car for almost 30 minutes on the road with a handful of idiotic drivers…EVERYDAY.

Then I finish work by 1pm or so, go home..get stuck in traffic for almost another 30 minutes. I get home, feed the dog…sometimes give him a bath THEN I make some food, take a shower and chill out while spending time with Robbie. Before I know it it’s dinner time! I have my dinner…get ready for classes the next day and BOOM it’s 10.30 pm. Time to get some sleep. Problem is I don’t fall asleep right away. I lay there, physically tired while my mind is racing with thoughts until I pass out for the day. So that’s basically what I do day to day except on weekends.

The students are alright but one class really pisses me off most of the time. It’s shame for them though cos when they piss me off, it affects how I teach. I am only human. *shrug* I won’t talk about any particular student on here as it is, well, unprofessional. Plus, you never know one of them would find out about my blog and start passing the link around heh. I know I don’t want the school principal reading this. Lol

In conclusion, this experience is a good one. Now I’m even more certain I’m not a teacher in the making. I really don’t have that much patience with 18/19 year olds. heh

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