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July 9, 2005

I’ve always thought teaching was an easy job. Boy, was I wrong. Add the fact that students continue to annoy and irritate me day in day out. In fact, some PISS ME OFF some days. UGH! Teenagers are such a pain in my BIG FAT ASS!

This weekend is the RainForest concert/festival thingy again. I missed it again. I hear it’s a great event to attend..lots of fun but I just never got to wanting to go for some reason. Oh well…maybe next year. *snickers*

I’m tired…bed time *thud*

3 responses to “Short post…”

  1. ~FiOn~ says:

    You shouldnt miss it next year!! we will go together and shake our big fat ass off ok? hahahaha

  2. Shin says: problem! By the way my ass isn’t FAT…yes I’m still dreaming. =P

  3. ~FiOn~ says:

    Some said this rainforest would be the last to be held in Kuching..not sure bout it too…hope its not…

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