July 27, 2005

Been sick since I got back from my KL trip. Wait a minute? Yes, I went over to KL last weekend. Shop shop shop shop. How I wish I can get paid for shopping. That would be a total dream job for yours truly *snicker*

The night I came back I started sneezing like crazy and have been sick since then. Just a cold, nothing major like that last time I got sick. Throat infection=BAD, cold=not-so-bad teeheehee.

Form 6 just finished their monthly tests today so at the moment I’m pretty busy grading tests. Finals are starting at the end of September which is fairly fast. Technically the school holidays start on the second week of November but St Thomas is starting the holidays earlier on the 29th October. WOOT! And then a few days after that Robbie is coming to see me!!! *jumps in joy*

Well I better run. Gotta make some notes for the rascals tomorrow.

Au revoir!

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