August 12, 2005

Went to Bing! after graduation rehearsal this morning. Had spaghetti and I didn’t really like it. BLEH. It looked really good though but didn’t taste as much as expected. Or maybe it just didn’t hit my taste buds straight on. Oh well.

Took lotsa pictures there. Hehehe Yep, got myself a digital camera…FINALLY. It’s an Olympus FE-5500 and I totally love it! =D

Us (Pei Ee, Linda, Fiona & Me) at rehearsal

Girls (Linda, Pei Ee, Me & Fiona) at Bing!

*GASP* Who’s that staring at us?

You’re still staring…do you know it’s RUDE to stare?

Okay..stop staring or Fiona will attack you with her long LONG fingernails *GROWL*

Oooo is that Superman?

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