4 more weeks!!!

October 1, 2005

Ever since I started teaching I’ve gotten sick more times than I have in a year. Sheesh. I’m still kinda sick at the moment. Went to the doctor’s more than a week ago, and up until now I’m still not completely well. The doctor told me I had mucus in my lungs so he gave me antibiotics and some other medicine for wheezing. The wheezing medication had some side effects (or rather “extra parameters” according to the doctor). My hands just started shaking uncontrollably 12 hours after I took them. That was something different. Anyway I went back to the doctor’s again last week for more “drugs” *smacks hand like an addict* Heh *counts* I think I’ve been sick for more than 4 weeks now. YIKES.      

Oh well, on a happier note; 4 MORE WEEKS TIL ROBBIE COMES!!!!!!! *does the snoopy dance* w00t w00t w00t!!! I can’t believe it. It feels like just 2 weeks ago he bought the tickets. YAY!!!! I’m so so so so very excited. Imagine all the trouble we would cause when he gets here *smirk* Honey if you’re reading this, I love you and we’re gonna have some FUN! =D

I made a list of places to visit and eat when he’s here. So whoever has any suggestions on where to take a white boy (heh) in Kuching, let me know by email or comments or whatever. Thanks!

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