On his way here

November 1, 2005

Rob just boarded the plane in Newark to fly to Stokholm which is a stopover before flying to KL. I must say I’m pretty nervous. Not so much on us meeting but rather him on the plane because he doesn’t like flying. So I’m a little worried about him. I called him right before he boarded and he seemed really excited. I’m so glad.

I should be the last person to be worried about him being on a plane as I’ve been on planes more times than I can count on my 2 hands. Now I understand why he gets worried about me when I fly to Sydney.

Didn’t get much sleep last night as I wanted to make sure he was alright until he reached Newark. He took a flight from Midway at about 12.30am and stopped at Atlanta at around 2.30am. Then he waited an hour or so before taking the connecting flight to Newark. He arrived in Newark at about 6am. Basically I woke up a few times last night after I went to bed at around 1am. By 7am I was awake. Since I woke up I’ve been distracting myself with things i.e. doing my laundry, cleaning my room, organizing my desk and so on.

Oh yeah, I went by to Unimas yesterday to get some detailed information on Masters. It was really helpful, plus I already have someone who wants to supervise my research because the topic interests him. That is so cool! I was begining to get worried for fear no one would be interested with my topic of research which is “The Rise of China”. The title most probably will change overtime as I research more. But let’s not talk much about that as it’s not a sure thing until I ACTUALLY get accepted. I’m just distracting myself I suppose…

It feels very surreal that in 24 hours Rob will be here. What will be my first words? What do I do when I see him? What will I wear? GEEZ I’m making myself more nervous. But all I know for sure is that we’ve both waited 2 years for this. We’ve talked about it so many times and imagined the things we would do together as a couple. Sometimes we even dream about it, literally. Our dreams are finally coming true. I can’t explain the feeling of happiness within myself thinking that we will be in each others arms tomorrow.

I’m pretty sure this won’t be my only post today as I’ll be really hyper and all. Heh For now I should shower and get ready. Have an appointment with another professor who might be interested in supervising me for Masters. Later people~~

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