A little bored

March 7, 2006

My day started in the library roughly around 10am. I sat there in the huge library and heard silence. Anytime I heard anything other than silence I would look up from the mountain of books overpowering the table I sat at. Personally, the library at the new campus is like a mall. All 4 storeys of it. What was missing were escalators. Hehehe

Anyway I left the library at about 2pm after some “interruptions” for a certain two individuals. You know who you are. =P I borrowed another 2 books today for my research. One is entitled “Surviving Your Dissertation” and I have to say that I really NEED to survive this long worded journey of 2 years. The other book I borrowed is called “Power and Society”. So now, I have a total of 6 books, actually make that 7 books, that I will have to read this week/month.

I’ve thought about having a goal of reading like 4 books a month but somehow I find that impossible for me, being the procrastinator that I am. Another thing is the fact that these books I have to read have the most complicated-alien-vocabulary I’ve ever seen. Never in my life have I used dictionary.com so much in one day.


On another note, the family had dinner at Joyous Shanghai on Sunday to celebrate my mom’s 55th birthday. My cousin’s daughter shares the same birthday too. Here are a few pictures:

My mom, me and Gwynn

Gywnn posing for the camera with her two ‘roses’

Gywnn being camera-shy suddenly

With the parents

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