Rude people

March 11, 2006

Some people around town are just SO SO rude. I was at the Popular Book Fair last night and by 9.20pm it was closing, so everyone who wanted to purchase anything were asked to queue up and pay. Being the first day of its event, of course a lot of people were flocking that place. Obviously the queue would be long.

So there I was being the civilized person that I am in the queue waiting for my turn when this lady comes standing next to me while I was talking to my mom. She attempts to cut in front of me and I glared at her. Then, somehow she squeezed in behind me. I don’t know what others thought of it but if she did that in front of me I’d give her a piece of my mind.

The queue was moving EXTREMELY slow and this lady was getting VERY impatient. She started standing closer behind me while her chest keeps bumping into my from behind and she was practically breathing dowm my neck. I’m not into that kinda thing DAMNIT!. That is SO SO SO disgusting. Just thinking about it makes me shiver. After so many times of bumping into me, I stepped forward a little and she stepped forward too!!!! I got very annoyed and did one step backwards. That surprised her a bit I think. As if that’s not enough to keep her off my back, she moves forward again and stepped on the back of my shoe. *GROWL* At that point I was getting pissed. I turned around, wanting to give her a piece of my mind but she was already looking at another direction. I heard her muttering something a few times about the line moving slow. I’m thinking like “HELLO LADY?????? No matter how much you push and shove or whatever, it’s not going to make the line move faster UNLESS you yourself head over to the cashier and check yourself out!!!”

Anyhow, after more than 30 minutes in line I finally got to pay for my books. THE END. HAHAHAHA

On another note, I bought a nice book called “Confessions of a True Romantic”. It was priced for RM29.90 but I got a 20% discount, so roughly I took it home for about RM24. I skimmed through it this afternoon and found it very interesting. I’m very much a fan of being romantic so I find this book really really appealing. Once I start reading it I might quote some good parts to write about. =D

I’ve thought about it. If I want to be good at thinking sociologically (which is something very important for someone who’s taking up research for Masters according to my Professor), I gotta practice more often. Therefore, I will attempt to use this blog as a thinking and writing space regarding various aspects of my education. Of course I don’t get as much feedback on my blog than most, but it’ll serve as a place for me to express my somewhat intellectual thoughts. I really don’t have much intellectual interactions other than with a few people.

Well then, I better grab a shower and hopefully be able to focus on the intellectual books. Adios~

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