Happy Anniversary Robbie

April 1, 2006

It’s been almost 3 months since Rob left and at the same time, today, it has been 3 years since we committed to each other. April 1st 2003 – one of the most significant days of my life. Three years ago we took the first step on a life-long journey. Two years ago, we talked about our future and what we were going to do to get there. A year ago, we planned for his trip to come over here. Five months ago, we met face to face for the first time. We did so many things and experienced life together. Today, three months after he left Kuching, we still miss each other like crazy. We have so many memories of the 10 weeks he was here.
Our first time at the beach
Our first sunset together
Rob’s first laksa and he liked it too!
Rob doing some chores before the birthday party. This is one of my favorite pictures.
We decorated the whole apartment with ribbons for my birthday party. When Rob was done prepping the place up, he figured the birthday girl needed some decorative ribbons too.
The birthday cake. CHEESECAKE *drool*
Couple in black at one of Rob’s favorite restaurants, Colours.

Us at the Museum Grounds

Us getting cozy on karaoke night at Woodlands. Rob couldn’t find a song he could sing well enough

Being that Rob was a cat lover, it was only right to bring him to one of the world’s cat museum.

It’s my pleasure to introduce Shincat and Robcat

A failed attempt to imitate a couple of hissing cats

Then we decided to just take a nice picture together

Our first jigsaw puzzle completed in 3 days

Our first time making scrambled eggs with bacon.

Our first time looking at a live orang-utan at the Semenggok Wildlife Center.

Rob’s first time with a peacock. I think he was talking to the peacock, “C’mon, I dare ya. Open up your tail and let’s see how nice it is”

The honey bear at Jong’s Crocodile Farm

Us at the beach for the third time

Our favorite red shirt – He’s the evil twin

Rob and our Xmas gifts. He gave my Floppy aka the pink dog and I bought him a book by Al Franken which he is currently reading.

Boxing Day dinner at The Junk. He liked the place so much that we made reservations to have dinner there on New Year’s Eve.

The first time we went to the Euro carnival, Rob won this teddybear and we both agreed to name him Lucky

Just to show the size of Lucky, here’s an idea. hehehe Lucky’s head is bigger than mine and Rob’s combined!

Our first rainbow. One of mother nature’s true beauty

Rob’s impersonation of Ronald McDonald

Our second jigsaw puzzle that was completed in a day and a half. It only cost RM7 at MJC. Hehehehe

Our first time at the Fairy Caves. Thanks to Soupy for being our ‘tour guide’.

After some sweaty action…climbing the caves and walking in the dark hole with one working torchlight.

Our first Christmas Tree, put up on the last couple says of November

A few days after that, we upgraded the lights. *grunts like Tim Allen in Home Improvement*

Our first Christmas together.

We made smiley pancakes on Xmas morning. I never knew that was possible until he showed me how. It’s very simple actually.

Me playing Monopoly and kicking Rob’s ass =D

New Year Eve dinner at The Junk.

Look! Free balloons!!!

Our last few days were spent eating and going to the Euro carnival.

We went on so many rides, one of which, was the Destructor. Those rides made me nauseous for several days after it

Oh, the little purple turtle in the picture; I won that at the carnival and is now with Rob. We named him Speedy. lol

Second last night, Rob enjoyed some deliciously scrumptious pork ribs at Joyous Shanghai, Lok Thian

We even had our pictures taken by a professional. We both agreed that they turned out really nice.

At the airport the morning Rob left. It was hard to smile. And it’s still kinda hard to be near the airport because it reminds me of the sadness that morning.

Robbie, this post is dedicated to you. It has been a great journey with you all this while. You have taught me many things about this life that is more valuable than any amount of money can buy. Thank you for showing me what life and love is all about. I treasure you with my heart and it’s yours forever. I cannot wait for the day I can wake up next to you and see your smile again. I love you. Happy Anniversary Soulmate.

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  1. Robert says:

    You are the sweetest girl in the world. Thank you for 3 wonderful years. I love you dearly. Happy Anniversary Shinnie.

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