New layout!!!

April 8, 2006

YES!!! Finally! I’ve succeeded in customizing a new layout for this blog! Been wanting to do it ever since I started it but never thought I could. It’s kinda simple actually but of course there were a few instances where I was dumbfounded on what to do. So after lots of trial and error and preview, VOILA!!

Some of you might think it’s too PINK but believe me, it was more pinkish originally. I replaced the light pinkish background with black so it looks more classy. *big grin* YAY!!! *claps* I love my new layout. Makes my blog look brand new!! *claps claps claps*

By the way, the shirt I wore in that picture was a coincidence. I didn’t plot and scheme and wore a pink shirt and have my picture taken so that I can put in the blog. =P For those who was never seen the original layout, the picture was already there before I changed the layout.

Anyway, I hope this new layout motivates me to blog on a more regular basis. I just love looking at it. *claps*squeal*drool*

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