Can’t sleep

April 10, 2006

Feeling a little mushy at the moment but shall not go into details *blah*

On a funny note, I was at Jalan Song earlier for dinner and I saw a HUGE crowd of people flocking outside the shophouses. Curiousity hit me and I went to check what was going on. Turns out, it was a bunch of Chinese men and women selling pirated DVDS at RM2 per DVD, which is FREAKINGLY cheap in my opinion. I walked passed these illegal ‘vendors’ and one of the men told me in Mandarin that his DVDs were RM1.50 (and I thought RM2 was FREAKINGLY CHEAP!). I smiled and continued on. Hehehe They only sold DVDs of Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Hongkie movies. But let’s just say my mom was having a field day. *wink*

I am currently reading “Wild Swans” by Jung Chang. So far so good. Nothing TOO interesting to report about the book other than it’s about the lives of three generations of women in her family starting with her grandmother, then her mother and finally her own life. The contrast to their three lives is quite amazing when you consider that it’s not that vast a time-frame (from 1919 – 1978). Her grandmother was brought up in traditional China when foot-binding and concubines were the norm. Her mother committed herself to Mao’s Communist party and Jung herself joined the Red Army.

It is pretty late, so I suppose I should get some sleep. I might be dropping in at Uni to get my reading materials from my pigeon hole at the office. Oh, did I mention I have my own pigeon hole for mail and notes etc? *giggles* That’s cool. I feel so “in” the crowd in the office.

Alrighty then *pfffftttttttttttttt* (in a Jim Carey kinda way) *poof*

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