Desperate Housewives

April 11, 2006

I watched the first episode of Desperate Housewives on DVD this morning and I think it’s fair to say it’s an okay show. The first time I saw it was when I was in Australia and it was half way through the show and I totally didn’t understand what it was about and I shrugged it off as a SUCKY show. LOL

Another reason why I said it sucks (and still is in some tiny puny way) is the fact that Teri Hatcher is in it. I’m not a fan of hers even since she starred as Lois Lane in The New Adventures of Superman. I find her vain with her “I hate my perfect body” comments and her botox shots and whatnot. Actually, it’s just her “I hate my perfect body” comment that makes me a bit *roll eyes* at her if you catch my drift.

Anyhow, the show is about 5 housewives in Mysteria Lane with dark secrets and affairs and sex scandals and humping the gardener and, well, it’s all about sex for them. Come to think of it, why do most American shows put so much emphasis on sex? What is it about sex that makes it the basis of most shows if not movies?

Then, there’s this show called The OC which I’ve been hooked on ever since my cousin showed it to me on her laptop some 2 years ago. I’m totally hooked on it. I will not disclose how I get to watch it every week 4 days after it was shown in the US though. *wink* It’s a secret *shhhhhh*

Moving along, I went to uni to get reading materials for this week’s class. *joy* I have about 60pages worth of stuff to read. *yuck* BUT I have no choice but to do it because I want my Master’s Degree. It’s 4 chapters from Roger Trigg’s book “Understanding Social Science”. I better put my “thinking sociologically” cap on then. Heheh

I gotta get up early tomorrow, errrr wait, I mean today so I can do some reading and writing before I head out. I better get some sleep. Ciao!

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