Quick note

April 21, 2006

Just a quick note before I head to bed. Not much to talk about at the moment. Ironically, my mind is just full of lil bits of thoughts which I think will not bear much of any value to be discussed here. Thoughts about Rob, family and friends. Lots are happening within the family; of hatred, of greed, of betrayal, of sickness.

It’s funny how one simple decision will change your entire life dramatically. It’s funny how one simple act of God can change everyone’s life. If only life was simpler. If only life was easier. If only life was fairer. If only…

Anyway, been taking pictures of sunsets lately. Will post them up eventually. I haven’t transfered those darn pictures to the laptop yet, hehe.

It’s obvious that I really have no clue what to say right now. I just beat around the bush talking about aimlessly mundane trivial things so I’m just going to stop here. It’s late anyway. Tomorrow is a new day for everyone. Goodnight~

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