Such is life..

May 1, 2006

Sorry for the lack of posts this past week. I’ve been away from home for around 5 days.

I have just returned from Australia this morning at 1. It has been a tough week for the family. You see, an aunt passed away earlier last week. She has been fighting cancer for about 6 months. She was only 58. She was laid to rest on Thursday. Rest in peace Sa Mak Ee. You will be missed.

It wasn’t exactly a shock to hear the news but it doesn’t make it easy. The worst for me was that a couple nights before she died, I had a dream about her. She was talking to my mom and telling her that she’s fine, that she’s not sick anymore. I woke up, thinking it was a good sign that she will soon be healed and live longer.

I guess it was naive of me to think that and not the other side of the coin. True, she isn’t sick anymore, she’s not suffering, she is fine. She’s with God now.

To have 2 deaths in the family in under a year tends to rattle your chains. Thoughts of whether your own mother or even yourself might suffer the same fate flows through your head. It’s tough to attend two funerals of the people you love in the span of 9 months. It’s even tougher for my mom to attend 2 funerals of her elder sisters.

I end this post with one thought; Life is the most precious thing, don’t waste it meaninglessly with material and shallow things.

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  1. eryn says:

    hey gal. so sorry to hear that. cheer up. they are in god’s hand now. 🙂

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