May 24, 2006

I got a call from a professor’s personal assistant (PA) this morning. She asked me about those books I was SUPPOSE to be reading. So I told her a white lie that I was almost done with the Ted C. Fishman book (Well, I didn’t wanna come off as lazy…even though I am =P). Then PA tells me “Oh, that’s good because Prof-so-and-so asked me to call and tell you to prepare a 20 minute presentation on the books you read.” At this point I’m smacking myself on the head and politely say, “Okay, and when would he like me to do this presentation?” PA answers, “Oh I’m just calling to let you know you need to prepare. I will call again to tell you when he wants to meet with you”.

GREAT, now I will have no chance of procrastinating because I no freaking clue he wants the presentation which means I have to start working on it right away. Heh I make it sound like it’s a bad thing. Don’t mind me. I’m feeling lazy at the moment, as I have the past week or so. I keep telling myself to do this and that tomorrow but I end up not doing it when tomorrow comes. Okay, okay…I’ll turbo read the book I need do ASAP and do a review of some sort and yak my way through the presentation. =S

On a totally out-of-context note, today I found out that a friend has started reading my blog. So, welcome to my online MADNESS Josephine. *wink*

Ooohh it’s 11pm. “Charmed” is on ntv7. Toodles~~

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