May 31, 2006

Sorry for the lack of updates the past week or so. My mind has been pretty occupied with a lot of things and at the same time trying to finish a book which I want to be done with by Friday/Saturday. THEN I can prepare for the presentation.

Speaking of falling (*points to the title*), I took a tumble this afternoon. I was walking down the stairs at home and the weirdest thing happened; I fell. That’s me: A CLUTZ. The last time I fell, I was going up stairs. That was more than 6 months ago. Funnily today’s fall was me going down the stairs. Have a few bruises here and there (other than my ego of course), and not to forget a not-too-serious-sprained ankle. At least I hope it’s not serious. Oh what fun.

I have been feeling a little under the weather as of late. Aches and congestion. I think the weather change does that, in addition to stress of some sort.

Anyway, here’s the song of the day for me. It’s got a nice melody to it:

Everything’s changing by Keane

You say you wander your own land
But when I think about it
I don’t see how you can
You’re aching, you’re breaking
And I can see the pain in your eyes
Says everybody’s changing
And I don’t know why

So little time
Try to understand that I’m
Trying to make a move just to stay in the game
I try to stay awake and remember my name
But everybody’s changing
And I don’t feel the same

You’re gone from here
And soon you will disappear
Fading into beautiful light
Cause everybody’s changing
And I don’t feel right

Oh yeah, tomorrow is Gawai. So, to those celebrating who reads this: Selamat Hari Gawai. Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai.

That’s about it from me. I have nothing exciting to report other than the fall so I’m going to watch tv now and relax. Toodles~

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