And it just keeps getting better and better… (sarcasm)

June 5, 2006

My grandmother was admitted to the hospital yesterday afternoon. She had a high fever and our GP suggested we admit her in case it was a stroke.

And he was right. After tests and CT scan, it was finalize that my grandma indeed had a stroke, a very mild stroke, which is a relief. Now we’re awaiting tests as to find out WHY she had a stroke. I was surprised to hear that she had a stroke. Currently she’s on no-solid-foods. She gets milk once every 3 hours.

I just got back from the hospital and she looks a LOT better than yesterday. She was trembling a lot yesterday and that was scarry for me to watch.

Anyway, I have a lot of reading to do as I’ve been too occupied with this to focus on school. Laters~

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