Happy Daddy’s Day

June 18, 2006

The family had dinner at Crowne Plaza last night for Father’s Day. It was the Japanese Buffet night!

I had so much salmon that I think I’m gonna stay away from fish for a while. *shivers* I ate too much raw fish *bleah*

Anyway, after dinner I dropped by at Bing to meet up with the girls. I didn’t even have to pay for my drink. *teeheehee* I used my buy-10-drinks-from-us-and-the-11th-one-is-on-us” card.

Other than that, I don’t have much to report on. My day was uneventful to be honest. Just read a book, played with a couple new programs, played some games, and worked a bit on my upcoming due paper. *YAWN* Boring eh?

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