The Misadventures of Shin – Episode: The Shoe Snatcher

June 25, 2006

(I am so going to regret blogging about this. I’m going to get hate comments and the victim will track me down and shoot me and whatnot. lol But oh what the hell! Enjoy people! =D )

As I was walking around with my parents after dinner at Tun Jugah tonight, I saw there was a Fila sale on the ground floor center court. My mom was looking at those comfy sporty-looking sandals for her weekend “lepaking” (loitering). She found what she wanted and chose the color she liked. Meanwhile, I was looking at comfy slippers/flip flops and was told by the salesgirl that they are 70% off and comes down to RM23.97.

So my brain was going off like a car alarm “OOOOOOOOOOOO CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP…FILA SHOES !!! 30 BUCKS CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!!” The flip flops came in 3 colors; blue, pink and lilac. The salesgirl said “leelac corror” (lilac color). HAHAHA Ok, back to the story. They had sizes 7, and 8 on display.

I tried on the size 8, which was the leelac corror, thinking to myself, “Hmmmm fits good…got some space left on the back. Not too bad..”

After that, I put on the size 7 pink corror one and it fitted even better. Like totally perfect!

Then, I tried on the blue corror size 8. “Size 8 is too big lah but nice color”, I was thinking. Slid into the pink one again, felt good. Back to the leelac, “Wonder if they have a size 7 leelac”.

I asked and she turns around to look through the boxes behind her, to which I get this reply, “No, leelac no size 7. How about the pink one?”

I go, “Nah, I don’t really like the pink one. How about the blue? Do you have that in a 7?”

She checks again for about 2 minutes, comes back and

“Sorrylah miss, no more size 7. The pink one is last size 7 lo”, says the salesgirl. “Why don’t you take the 8 leelac? The color is vely (very) nice”.

“Cannotlah, a bit too big for me. Never mind lah. Thanks, ya?”

We both smile and I was off my way looking around. When it came time to pay for mom’s sandals, we both went to queue up at the cashier. While doing that, I was jokingly telling my mom that if I saw someone with the flip flops, I’d snagged it off them. We couldn’t find her sandals so she started opening boxes of shoes of other people’s on the cashier’s desk until……

(You know how when you buy things at the store, most of the time they take it straight to the cashier’s counter for you? Well, that was why the boxes of shoes were on the counter. Okay back to the adventure again…) …until….

I SAW THE BLUE FLIP FLOPS. One of those boxes had the blue flip flops I wanted!

As that was going through in my mind, my mom found her sandals. I nudged my mom and silently told her one of the boxes had the blue flip flops! She was like “So what? It’s not like they are in your size.”

“But Ma, you never know! Should I flip over the box and see what size it is?”, one side of my mouth lifted up. I was smugging!

My mom laughs and told me to go for it. And I did.

IT WAS A SIZE 7!!!!!!!!!!!! My brain went to alarm mode again, going “CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!!!!!” I looked at my mom, nodding like crazy as if to say “It’s a size 7 Ma!!!!!!!” Somehow my mom understood the language of nodding and wide eyes.

“Do I take them Ma? I wonder who it belongs to?” *looking around*

“Why not? It’s been sitting there. I think no one wants it”, my mom says.

“How do you know? As if you were standing here for hours!” How sweet of her to say that as to comfort me if I decide to take it. HAHAHAHA

And take it I did! LOL

When it came to mom’s turn to pay, she pushed the two boxes of her sandals and “my” flip flops towards the cashier. Cashier girl goes “these two?” We both nodded. I was almost giggling because it was sort of exciting in a way.

As my mom was paying for the sandals and “my” slippers, I was looking left and right, front and back for the supposedly “owner” of “my” slippers. I swear it looked like I was paranoid. I kept whispering to my mom “hurry up!”, to which her reply is “I AM!!!”. Cashier lady looked at us weird and stuff. Excitement was at its peak for me.

Finally when the transaction was done, I grabbed the bag and walked away quickly. There was no turning back…

When I finally left the premise I was snickering while my dad was looking at me cluelessly. I explained to him why in the car and the first words out of his mouth was the infamous “SIAAAAAAAW (crazy) AH!”

Mom and I started giggling. She said to me “If someone did that to you, I think you would’ve…”

Before she could finished that sentence I cut her off and said “cursed that person to hell and made a total scene. Yes I would have I think. I can be such a bitch” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Like I said in a previous post, sometimes you’ve got to be bitch.

All the way home, I had this smirk-smug-smile on my face. I feel this sense of satisfaction even up until now. Nothing can top the feeling of contentment of getting away with something “bad” (depending how you define bad). Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I feel so SO SO contented right now. I’m even smirking as I type this.

But you wanna know what (and I told this to my mom, to which she rolled her eyes)? Those slippers aren’t to die for or THAT pretty or anything. I mean they ARE comfortable but not really worth being a scumbag LOL.

So, if it was YOUR flip flops I snatched at Tun Jugah tonight, I am truly sorry that you lost your flip flops…to someone like me. *smirk*

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I am so EVIL. *horns growing*

*The End


I finished my outline FINALLY. I have to print it out and hand it in tomorrow morning but I’m feeling a bit lazy to do that now and I’m pretty sure you’re thinking “Why is she so darn lazy?! How hard could it be to print a piece of paper?!”

First of all, it’s not A piece of paper. The outline is TWO pages. =P

Secondly, I have to set up the printer. I don’t have the luxury of a table big enough to fit my laptop, CD burner, scanner, printer AND my messes. I only have space for my laptop at the moment. I have to get the printer out of the box, onto the table and set it up.

Yes, I’m LAZY.

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