Graduates Night

July 1, 2006

This whole week has been dubbed the University’s Graduate Week. Lots of of activities were held including seminars, guest speakers and discussion sessions relating to postgraduate studies. It sounds boring doesn’t it? To be honest it WAS boring. Fortunately for me, I was not totally aware of all the activities going on during this week. Apparently the staff at graduate centre (GS) failed to contact me, hence could not ‘invite’ me to all the wonderful seminars and discussions. HEH

The funny thing is that I was finally contacted earlier this week to attend the International Students Night that was held last night at the Civic Center. Again, the critic in me says it was DAMN BORING! Food sucked big time too! Utensils were quite, ermmm how should I say, ummm unhygenic. I woke up this morning with a stomach ache and felt nauseous. I think I need not explain further.

Anyway, attendance at the dinner was pretty good considering the GS’s inability to contact post grad students. Entertainment was interesting though with performances from the post grad students themselves including the international students. I never knew the university had so many international students. A couple of African students performed their traditional dances with a twist of modern reggae. That was very entertaining to say the least. I was sitting quite far back so didn’t see the need to take a video of it. Too bad you weren’t there! hehehe

I bumped into a few friends and an ex-teacher from high school. About 9.30 or so, I left the dinner with Min Chiat and we went off for late dinner at Westwood since we both didn’t eat much and was still hungry. Hehe

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The dining hall
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The live band from SM Sains. I didn’t particularly enjoyed the songs they played. Some sounded pretty scary. Hehehe
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The African duo dancing

Ex-housemate Sasha (pretty girl) and yours truly =D

Min Chiat and I. He seems to be “enjoying” the food. =P

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Me doing what I’m best at; being bored. Heh

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Me and my Black Pepper Chicken Chop!

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Min Chiat and his Mushroom Chicken Chop!


On Friday morning, I thought I’d make myself a healthy lunch of corn soup. I grabbed a can of corn from the cupboard, then looked for a can opener. I couldn’t find it! Guess what I did? I drove to the store to get one and it took me more than an hour. Why? Cause I bumped into a friend from Uni while at the store and chatted for a while.

So, I got back from the store an hour later, ever-so-ready to make my corn soup (which Robbie totally loves! =D). I boiled the water. When the water boiled, I poured in the corn. Everything was going ever-so-smoothly until…






I think it was after 5 minutes or so until I realized there wasn’t any fire on the stove cause I was begining to wonder why it took so long to boil. I hunched down, peeped below the pot and there was no fire! Bloody hell!! %#!$@

I decide I would wait for the Gas Guy who comes by the area everyday going *honk*honk*honk* in his truck, selling gas tanks. I waited for an hour and still no sign of him. So I thought, “Screw it! I’ll just make soup with the microwave.”

I transferred the soup into a microwaveble bowl, popped it in the microwave, set it for 2 minutes, closed the microwaved and pushed the start button. Then, guess what???

I heard the *honk*honk*honk* DAMNIT! %$@!# Then, I ran out and flagged the guy down and got the gas. I poured back the soup into the pot and brought it to boil on the stove. By the time the soup was done, it was already 2pm. %$#@!

So much for eating healthy. BLEH

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