Pancake day!

July 3, 2006

Yesterday was my self proclaimed Pancake Day. I woke up and just had a taste for pancakes. I rushed downstairs to the kitchen to see if I had any pancake mix leftover from Rob’s visit. Sure enough, there was a quarter left and I decided Pancake Day!!!

At first, I was in a total haze because I forgot if I should add water or milk, milk or water? The box was thrown away so I had nothing to refer to. =(I was standing there staring at the pancake mix with a cup of water and a cup of milk in total confusion. Was it water that you mix it with? Or was it milk? Then, I thought I’ll just ask the master himself! I called Rob from my kitchen and he was laughing at me when I asked. “How can you forget that?!? You were the one mixing up the pancake mix with water EVERY TIME we made pancakes!”

For once I didn’t have an excuse. Hahaha I really cannot explain how I forgot to mix the pancake batter. So to avoid that from ever happening again, I’ve decided to blog my pancake experience yesterday so that whenever I forget HOW to make them, I can refer back to my blog. HEH

First, the pancake mix is MIXED with WATER(I used Betty Crocker’s Pancake Mix: Buttermilk flavor which is available at Choice Daily). Remember, it’s cold WATER not milk, not warm water. How much water depends on how fluffy you want your pancakes. The lesser the water, the fluffier the pancakes. While you’re mixing up the batter, heat up the pan, non-stick preferbably.

When pan heats up and batter is smooth, pour a considerably amount of batter into the pan so that pancakes come out ROUND, not triangular, not rectangular, not even octangular…yes it IS a word. Go check here. 😛 When you see bubbles forming as such in the pictures..

…use the spatula and with the help of a bread knife carefully flip over the pancake.

Then you get this. Nice brown pancake. =D

If you’re feeling adventurous and wanna add some smiles to your pancakes, try making a SMILEY pancake. Here’s how;

First take a table spoonful of pancake batter and slowly drip it on the pan to make a little circle. Repeat process again to get two “eyes”.

After that, take another spoonful of batter and this time, ever so slowly tilt and slide the spoon on the pan to get a semi-circle. That, my friends will be the SMILE of the SMILEY. =)

Wait about 20 seconds, and then pour more batter onto the pan. When you see bubbles form…

…flip over the pancake and VOILA! You have a smiley pancake! =) That picture of the smiley pancake was my second try. The first one came out MISERABLY.

Repeat process until you get the amount of pancakes you want.

You can eat your pancakes as it is with some butter or my personal favorite is with honey or maple syrup and butter.

Or if you want to add some color and be all unique and crap like that, eat your smiley pancakes with fruits, like cherries or apples. =D

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