July 13, 2006

Nothing interesting to talk about since my RWMF debacle. Just been hanging out at the uni library in the morning to get some work done for yet another paper. I asked my professor for an extension because there was just TOO much to read. Speaking of Uni, I’m peeved at the Uni.

Unfortunately, my friend got a ticket for parking there. Apparently, those parking spaces are reserved for the staff and visitors. Students are not allowed to park there. Instead we are to park VERY far from the library, I would say almost 1km from the library. I don’t mind walking but if you have seen the new campus, it’s pretty HUGE. There aren’t much for shaded pathways like the old campus. So what happens when it rains or when it’s super HOT outside? What if I need to borrow 6 books? Now I have no opposition that staffs should get priority for parking spaces but in actual fact, there are AMPLE parking spaces for both the staff and the students behind the library. It’s not like EVERYONE drives to the library.

Another thing, the library staffs SERIOUSLY need an attitude change. Most are rude and just outright lazy. When you ask them for a book that you can’t find on the shelves but is shown as available on the system, they answer “Tak tahu” (Don’t know) while there are a bunch of books behind them that probably just got returned. Then if you ask if it’s on those carts behind them, they tell you “Tak tahu”. If you ask if it’s ok to look through those carts they say “Tak boleh” (No). So what’s left to do? You just have to come back another day!!!

Just yesterday, I was at the Journals floor (ground floor) of the library. There was no one at the counter and the sign says something to the effect of “Photocopying services are now available at the circulation counter” which is at the first floor. I thought that I could bring the journal up to the first floor for photocopying since it seems people were just walking up and down with books as they please. So I was on my way UP the stairs when a guy (staff) yelled at me and mumbled something. I looked at him and he yelled, saying I needed to fill in a form and put my matrix card in the tray at the counter. He added, “You macam tak tahu saja. Mesti isi borang, bukannya tak tahu.” (In translation: You act as if you don’t know. You must fill in a form, it’s not like you don’t know that.)

I looked at him and said “Memang pun tak tahu, first time bah, kalau tahu tentulah isi borang. Takkanlah suka sangat dimarah.” (Of course I didn’t know. It’s my first time. If I knew I would’ve filled in the form. It’s not like I love being scolded/yelled at). Now what I don’t understand is this; even if I had filled in a form and did the whole procedure, there was NO one at the counter the whole time I was there to supervise any of this. Anyone could’ve easily brought the journals to any floor they want and they did too. I was just unlucky enough to be caught. =( Then, let’s say when I’m done with a journal I can go to the counter, drop the piece of form in the “returned” tray, take back my matrix card without returning the journal without anyone knowning. I could’ve easily left the journal anywhere in the library if I wanted. Screw the “Please return journals to their original place”.

BLEH Stupid rules made by stupid people. I seriously don’t understand the logic behind some rules made by the Uni. *shakes head in disbelief* SIGH

Oh, by the way: Happy Birthday Erin =))

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