Some changes :D

July 15, 2006

Some changes on my blog. Got myself a tagboard! FINALLY! Sheesh took me a while to find the right tagboard with the right features that’s free. I’m totally loving SayBox 😀

I’ve also shortened out the “About me” and moved links down and deleted some things so that the tagboard isn’t stuck at the bottom of the blog. At least, it’s visible without having to scroll down TOO much. Hehehehe

So friends and family, if you want to say some thing but too lazy to leave me a comment, just drop me tag. There’s no need for registration and whatnot. By the way, don’t use “shin” ok? It is after all MY name. =D

Have fun!


I was blog surfing earlier today and I’ve never realize just how many people I know actually keep a blog. I came across a lot of old high school acquaintances’ blogs. So, ermmm that’s that. 😀


The headset Rob sent me is TOAST. They SUCK! Only used it for 3 months at the most. There isn’t any sound coming out from one side of the headphones. Thank goodness I have a backup one. Then, we had this conversation…

Me : I’m gonna buy another headset tonight if I get a chance to
Rob : Why do you wanna do that?
Me : Cos’ I wanna see if I can find something better
Rob : Oh *pause for 5 seconds* and then you can blog about it?
Me : !!!
Rob : *laughs maniacally*
Rob : Whaaaaaaattt? What did Robbie do? *does the cutesy talk*
Me : Oh don’t you pull the cutesy talk with me mister!
Rob : *more cutesy talk*
Me : *roll eyes*

This round:

Rob – 1, Shin – 0

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