I kick a$$!

July 17, 2006

Rob and I enjoy playing games online. Most of the time I kick his a$$ in games like Literati, WordRacer, Canasta etc.

Lately, we’ve developed a love for playing games on MSN. One of our favorites (and mine in particular) is Minesweeper Flags. The objective of the game is to find 26 flags before your opponent does by clicking around numbers which tells you how many flags are near it. It’s basically a game of luck, chance and strategy. I often kick Rob’s behind when we play, scores range from 26-25 to 26-1 and I win more games than he does.

However, yesterday we played and it was a historically day for me. Not only did I win on average of 26-15 per game, I took him down 20-0 games. That’s a 20 games winning streak! Took him about two hours to “accomplish” that. =D

Here is the proof 😛

Note the “…you have won 20 game(s) and your buddy has won O…”

And after having said that, I finally lost a game:


I’m currently working on my paper. Reading has been a pain because most of the time I can’t really understand the text as it’s from Karl Marx and we all know how people from the 18th century are hard to understand. Their English is way too complicated for me to grasp so I end up having to read the same page at least 3 times before I finally understand.

A little snippet from my paper:

“…Theoretical perspectives are used to make assumptions about society. Each one focuses on different aspects of society in order to explain it. There are three main theoretical perspectives in social sciences; structural-functional perspective, social-conflict perspective and symbolic interaction. In my opinion there is not one perspective that is best. Perhaps the best perspective is one that combines different perspectives…”

Speaking of school work I’ve yet to post my chapter breakdown on here. Not sure if it’ll make sense to anyone but oh well. I shall do that once I am done with this paper.

Until then, have fun with the smileys guys!


One response to “I kick a$$!”

  1. Robert says:

    😐 yeah… Shin wins the games most of the time. Every game I show her how to play a new game, she kicks my ass in it.

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