July 31, 2006


Very sien (tired/frustrated).

So much to think about, yet my brain is so small. SIGH

Headache headache headache

I was suppose to attend the first day of a 2-day conference at the Holiday Inn today. Seeing as I woke up feeling sick (I was getting chills), I decided not to go. Bad news is I have to show my face there tomorrow. SIGH SIGH SIGH

So very tired…I never realize how tiring it could be to just sit for hours while your mind wanders all over the place. Between doing that during my almost-daily visits to the hospital and at home, I have been TRYING to focus with my school work. It has been tough to concentrate for some reason. One second I’m reading my books, the next second my mind wanders off, thinking of so many things.

Speaking of books, I got 6 new books in the mail, along with other knick-knacks. Will TRY to read them. I really need to get myself motivated to do more school work. It seems I keep putting things off. It’s not entirely my fault though. Keep getting crises at home, plus my current state of mind has dragged me down.


How I wish I have a “on/off” button for my mind.


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