Nervous breakdown

August 3, 2006

So I had my first nervous breakdown today.

I was at the library this morning and suddenly heard this LOUD BOOM. It sounded so close, like it was just outside the library. Girls were like shrieking and stuff.

I was with a friend so he sarcastically said, “Oh no! Terrorists!”

Then I went “I hope so, then we’ll all get killed and we dont have to worry about anything.”

-The end of my nervous breakdown-

This is how nervous and stressed I am about the presentation to the whole faculty (amongst other things). I wake up almost every morning to stomach pains, as I feel my guts churn and I have to run to the bathroom. At first, I thought it was something bad I ate but there is NO way food poisoning lasts more than a week! By late afternoon, I feel so tired and drained. By nightfall, when I feel tired enough to sleep, I lay awake for AT LEAST an hour because I so much on my mind that I get this panicky feeling before I finally pass out until I wake up the next morning…repeat process! STRESS STRESS STRESS

I wonder if I’ll lose weight this way. lol I don’t have time for the gym. All I do is sit on my fat ass and work on my proposal. It’s not like I can burn calories sitting. *sigh*


It’s convocation week at Uni, so lots of activities and exhibitions and games etc. Time has flown so fast. It doesn’t feel like a year since I graduated. Today at Uni, I saw all those students walking around with their bags, robes and all. Brought back memories. No, I won’t go down memory lane…not in this post at least. 😛

FSGK held a fashion show this morning and I was lucky (unlucky) to witness it. The designs of the clothes were so not to my liking. I think many of you would have laughed at what I saw. One girl was wearing bright neon dungarees, you know like the ones you see garbage collector men wear, except that it’s BRIGHT NEON, like yellow highlighters! Her hair was in high pigtails, lots of hair spray to perk it up and THICK makeup. No pictures =( Didn’t bring my camera. *sigh* It seems I always don’t have my camera with me when something worth taking a picture of is around. Oh well…

Oh yeah, back to NERVOUS BREAKDOWN!!!!



Ermmm while I was taking a break earlier, I was doing some surfing and came across *points to the right* Meebo. It lets anyone IM me when I’m online. I think it’s very cool. So guys and gals, if you ever want to private chat with me, ask me questions, shower me with gifts or give me money, feel free to use Meebo in the side there alright? It’s named under “One on one”. I promise I won’t reveal your deep dark secret fetishes. 😉

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