Selamat Hari Merdeka

August 30, 2006

Oh joy, oh happy happy Happy Independence Day *jumps around*throws confetti*balloons released*

Okay, so I’m being sarcastic. I can’t help it. Frankly, I don’t know what the hype is about with the celebrations and whatnot. I get that Independence Day is important. Without it, we won’t be sitting on our asses blogging and complaining about everything and anything. What I don’t get is that the celebration national of Merdeka Day in Kuching is troubling Kuchingnites like myself. Roads closed, traffic jams, etc. BLEH I’m probably in PMS mode at the moment so excuse the excessive bitching. 😛

However, I do enjoy watching the night lights in town during big celebrations like Merdeka Day and Hari Raya.

Told you traffic was a nightmare!


I went to the Times Bookstore Sale at Taman Kereta after dinner. I bought 4 books and I wasn’t even done looking through all the books there. I prefer Times’ Sale better now because there are so MANY English books for me to choose from and the prices are pretty good. I can’t read Chinese. 🙁

There were a few books that I really wanted but they were not on sale. :(( The 4 that I bought were all cheap; under RM20. If you are familiar with the prices of English books in Malaysia, you’d agree that it’s cheap.

Books I bought:

  1. Turbo Capitalism by Edward Luttwak
  2. The U.S and East Asia: Conflict and Co-operation by Tommy KB Koh
  3. Asia Rising by Jim Rohwer
  4. China Inc.: A Concise Overview of China’s Power Structure and Profiles of China’s Leaders Today by Laurence Brahm

I’m definitely going back tomorrow or the day after. It ends September 3rd. I must grab the chance to get cheap books!

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