Raisin bread pork burger and snack cakes anybody?

September 8, 2006

When I woke up this morning, it was drizzling outside. This is the kind of weather I absolutely love sleeping in to. Even now, it’s still drizzling out, cool winds blowing but not like the thunder stormy kind though. I don’t like those cause I can’t go online when there’s thunder and lightning.
So, I saw pork burgers at Choice Daily’s non-halal section last week and grabbed em the second I laid eyes on them. Pork burger…yummy *drool*. Anyway, today I made my pork burger with Gardenia’s raisin bread (that my dad bought from his KL trip 2 days ago) and surprisingly it didn’t taste as bad as it sounds. Lol Unfortunately I was too busy stuffing myself to take a picture of my pork burger, which consisted of onions and eggs too *YUM* Just thinking about it makes me drool.

Oooo, I just got a message from Rob. He’s making popcorn! *pout* I want some too. The first and last time I (well actually he made it) made popcorn the traditional way (meaning not using the microwave but using a pot and all) was when he was here. I miss his the Robear hugs. *sigh* We did something really weird a couple weeks ago. I was telling him about Gardenia’s Twiggies in which I found out is the same thing as the American Twinkies. Then we both had this craving for snacks and suddenly decided to go to our respective supermarkets, his being the “OMG-it’s-so-huge” Meijer and mine being my favorite Choice Daily at Tabuan Laru and get snacks, like EVIL SUGARY snacks. I got Twiggies, like 3 packs of them and he got Angel Food snack cakes with raspberry fillings, no fat but DOUBLE the sugar. We came home, went online, turned on webcam and ate our snacks while smiling proudly at ourselves. Weird and twisted I know. But we both enjoyed it. We were giggling like little kids while floating from the sugar buzz.

Ugh, James Blunt’s “Beautiful” is playing on the radio. *switches channel* I have to admit that song is getting annoying, to be more exact, it’s the voice. I understand how the Brits feel now when they voted him second most annoying thing. HAHAHA

Oh, news on my grandmother, she’s been moved to Lion’s Nursing Home. She’s still hanging on. Strong woman she is but at the same time I hope she’s not suffering. When I went to see her a couple nights ago, she was sleeping and I heard her snoring. That made me grin a little.

Anyway, I’m off to cyber-snuggle my Robbie now. Later~~

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