SCREW YOU pantang!

September 24, 2006


My trip to the States got stiffed by a effing pantang AKA taboo AKA superstition. It’s a Malay word for those of you who do not know.

There is a pantang (rule) made by GOD-KNOWS-WHO that 100 days after the funeral of an immediate family, one should not attend a wedding or go near kids/baby for fear that something bad will happen to the other person(s). Allow me to elaborate with the little knowledge I know of this:

A funeral is considered something black and something as joyous as getting married is considered white. This means that something bad will happen to the couple getting married when the “black” and “white” clashes i.e they don’t get along, they can’t concieve, they get ill etc. This “blackness” will only go away AFTER 100 days, which is about 3 months and 10 days. My grandmother passed away on the 11th September. It has been about 2 weeks since her passing. That means 14 days ago. So the conclusion? CANNOT GO TO THE US LAH! CANNOT GO TO THE WEDDING LAH! CANNOT SEE MY COUSIN’S ADORABLE KIDS LAH! CANNOT SEE MY ROBBIE LAH! CANNOT HOLD HIS HANDS OR HUG OR KISS HIM! Celaka!


Who the hell makes these rules anyway? And why the toot do people still believe in such superstitions? This is the 21st century for God’s sake! Okay, I understand that following a death, a family should mourn the loss but who made the rule that it HAS to be 100 days? Why not 10 days? What if one wants to mourn longer, say 1000 days? What if I don’t want to mourn and feel that it’s a blessing that she’s gone now instead of suffering? Then how?

I’m pissed off at the fact that this pantang crap popped up only NOW. Why the hell did I rush to KL for the visa interview if I known I wasn’t going to make it to the wedding? Why was I so worried of not making it to the interview in time that day? FOR NOTHING!

SIGH I’m so fed up at how silly things like these get in the way of one’s life. When will people realized that most of the time superstitions are ridiculous and not worth the trouble? I will never understand the need for such a taboo. As long as one’s heart is in the right place, there is nothing to worry about. SIGH I’m so very of not being able to hold my Robbie. It’s been way TOO long since we held each other. I miss him so much

I always feel better after I rant and vent.

That aside, I found out something very sweet Rob did today. A month or so ago, I was reading Kenny’s blog and there was this competition to win a pair of Crocs shoes. You know, the ugly shoes. I saw that post and thought “What the heck? It’s free. I might as well try for fun.” Needless to say I of course didn’t win anything. Rob, the sweetheart he is, went and bought me a pair of purple Crocs look-alike as a surprise. This kind of boyfriend where to find hoh??? I am so damn lucky to have him ALL to myself. He is just the sweetest nicest bestest everythingest in the whole wide world. 😀

I love you Robbie. *mwah*

Moving along, I got a call from one of my professors’ personal assistant on Friday asking me to come in to see him with some work he assigned me to do ions ago which he failed to tell me WHEN he wanted it in the first place. So I told the personal assistant that I couldn’t make because “I have another appointment” which was a white lie. I haven’t done his assignment yet at that point. :S

So I spent most of yesterday and today working on this assignment, besides being teed off. It looks like it’s done. I mean there’s not much I can talk about other than the books I’m reviewing right? Now that I’m done with it, I can relax and watch some tv right?



Because the asshole that my brother is, is hogging the tv AND the couch. I hear the tv running downstairs but I bet he is sleeping with the tv on. It’s times like these I wish I had a job and be able to afford to move out of this house, have my own place and do what I like when I like. How I wish I was rich…

What a wonderful life I have, yes?

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