Pigged out

September 25, 2006

Since I had such a pissy week, I decided to pig out today.

Fiona texted me this morning and wanted to use my printer. I was on my way to meet my professor and I was almost late! On the way to uni, traffic just STOPPED half way there. I was stuck in traffic for about 20 minutes. I know, I know, try living in KL and experience the traffic jams there right? Well, I guess I’ll be a moody piece of no-good-stuff if I live there then, won’t I?

Anyway, the “meeting” with the professor took 2 hours (GASP!) and I was so hungry while the discussion/presentation went on. My phone wouldn’t stop vibrating too as somehow in some weird twisted twilight zone moment, almost everyone I know decided to call me!

After I was done, I called Fiona up and we decided to do lunch first, before the printer “rape”. We had pizza! I was craving for it this morning so I was quite a happy camper to say the least. We ordered a pizza meal that comes with soup, breadsticks, a regular pizza and drinks. Add to that, we went crazy and ordered a serving of spaghetti bolonaigse meatballs AND deli wings. I LOVE THE WINGS! 😀 Oh, I didn’t have to pay a single cent too. 😀 She rapes my printer, I rape her wallet. MWAHAHAHAHAHA

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Spaghetti and meatballs

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Deli wings…

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….looks SO good doesn’t eat (it)? The mouth-watering chicken meat, skin glistening.
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Mushrooms, onions, pepperoni, pineapple, olives, minced beef, sausage and green peppers
For dinner I had terriyaki chicken and rice at Tun Jugah’s food court with my parents. After dinner, I walked into Wilson’s Deli next to the food court. I (well technically my dad) bought one blueberry muffin, one cheese muffin, one hazelnut cheesecake and a pack of tiny little cupcakes. I couldn’t ressist. THEY LOOK SO TEMPTING.
Since Popular Bookstore was just next to the deli, I went and looked at some books. I can’t believe how expensive books are considering the government is encouraging Malaysians to read. Pupuk amalan membaca MY ASS. How CAN we when books are so frigging expensive. Even books written by ex-PM Dr. M and current deputy PM-what’s-his-name cost over 30 bucks and they aren’t even THAT thick. I saw a couple of books I’d like to own and they cost between RM49.90 to RM69.90. Another book was like 250 pages long and cost RM159.90! What the toot! Anyone want to contribute to the “Shin Food, I mean Book Fund”?
So back to the food talk….
Right now, I’m staring at a candy bar. It’s on my right on the table. Snickers Almond. *gulp* Should I? Or should I not? But it looks SO tempting. I can almost taste it, the heavenly taste of almonds, milk chocolate, caramel and nougat….
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Are you hungry yet? *laughs maniacally*

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