A fifteen minute spa

September 27, 2006

I had a good day today. 😀

I had brunch at Coffee Bean with my cousin. My cousin wanted to try the lasagna and I ordered my favorite roast beef sandwich with panini bread. Yum!

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My roast beef sandwich. Tomatoes, cheese, roast beef and lettuce. How can you NOT drool?

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After Coffee Bean, we walked around a bit in Sarawak Plaze and Tun Jugah before my aunt (her mom) called and invited me for a hydrotherapy/spa session. It’s some craze to hit Kuching as of late and to be honest, I always find such “craze” ridiculous and eventually will pass. So, my aunt invited me and seeing as I didn’t have to pay for it I agreed.

The hydrotherapy place is at Jalan Song, next to a hardware store. It’s the row of shops opposite the Church. This hydrotherapy thingy is basically a very powerful bubble bath/jacuzzi. The jet air bubbles claim to energize one’s body, giving it exercise and slim fitness.

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The reception area

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I like the pillows! They’re cool

Since it was my first time there, the Guy at the reception area took the time to explain to me the benefits on hydrotherapy. I paid attention to what he was saying. *cough*

Guy turns on the machine that makes water in a tub bubble up like a jacuzzi and he starts explaining…

Guy: So this is how the machine works. You see, when the bubbles start, it forms so-and-so and it’s good for so-and-so. When those so-and-so are released, the body absorbs those so-and-so and releases so-and-so from the body. It really is good for health.

Me: Ermmmm…I don’t think I can fit in that tub. :/
(You can tell I was paying attention to the information he was conveying to me :P)

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The model tub at the reception area. I seriously can’t fit in it. I’m too damn fat!

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We were served tea while Guy was babbling. Heh

Before I was about to head into the room where the tub is, Guy explains the different positions you can sit in the tub which helps different parts of the body. He points at a diagram and starts to explain….

Guy: Okay, this is the squating position. You basically just squat in the tub and the bubble will take effect on areas below the waist. For instance, the buttocks. For men it’s really good for them because the jet air bubbles circulates the blood in his……his ummm…uhhhh…the uhhh…ummmm…

Me: His what? *innocently*cough* (I knew what he wanted to say when he stammered)

Guy: …..ermmmm well his umm…his uhh….his……his pee place…you know…?

Me: Oh, you mean his dick? *snicker* (I think he means it helps men with their prostate)

Guy: Ummm…uhhhh..yeah….okay so this next position…..

And he went on about other ways to sit in the tub and the bubbles will focus on those area blah blah blah.

He showed me into this lil room with a tub filled with water and a machine on the wall. He turned it on and bubbles were going BLOOP BLOOP BLOOP. I was excited to get in because I LOVE BUBBLE BATHS! Before I went in, Guy said “Enjoy and relax!”

Inside I was thinking *roll eyes* and closed the door and locked it, got naked (yes you go in naked) and climbed into the tub. I sat in the tub and bubbles were literally smacking the hell outta me. It felt good actually, like getting a massage. Not that I have anything to compare it too but I would assume that’s how a massage feels like. After 5 minutes in the tub, every part of my body was “smacked” by the strong jet air bubbles. And I mean EVERY part of my body. :>

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How the little room looks like…tub, candles and lights.

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A closer look at the tub

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I see the light…do you see the light?

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The candle. I was sniffing it a lot because I was trying to figure out if it was aromatherapy. 😛

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“We must practice right mindfulness. The right state of mind strengtens us and happy mind attracts good fortune.” The sign says it all, don’t you think? *snicker*

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Check out the jet air bubbles! They really DO smack you around.

After this hydrotherapy I did feel energized and warm all over my body. My heart was beating faster than normal which (I think) proves the claim that it’s equivalent to jogging 3km so one session is limited only to 15 minutes. You can do another session but it has to be 4 hours after the initial session. Anyway, this therapy also claims to beautify (how I’m not sure), improve blood circulation, increase metabolism and strengthen immune system but of course those are effects that you “may” see in the long-run. Using it once, I can’t say if it’s really true or not.

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Me after hydrotherapy…don’t I look beautified? *sarcastically*

I finally ate my Snickers candy bar this afternoon. It was SOOOOOO good! I’m sure you’ll feel the same. 😉

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On another note, I was at Choice Daily with the parents for grocery shopping earlier and I came across this dog.

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Damn ugly Pug but at least polite enough to smile for me….

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Celaka (Blardy) Pug jeling (glared at) me when I took another picture. He even wanted to charge at me. Apparently this Pug forgot how big *cough* he is.

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