My blog is now Firefox friendly

September 28, 2006

I just found out last night that FireFox users see a different layout on my blog than those who browse with IE.

I got a complaint that it was hard to read and I was really trying to figure out why purple text on pinkish white background is so hard to read? Turns out something in the template didn’t go too well with Firefox. On Firefox it’s purple font on black background.

How it lookED on Firefox

This is how my blog looks like to me all this while. Purple text on pinkish white background. I don’t bother using Firefox regardless how some people tell me it’s better than IE blah blah blah. I don’t bother with these things. I’m used to IE and I have no problems with it. Hence, I’ll continue using it until it really gives me trouble. So, I apologize to Firefox users on the hard-to-read-text. It wasn’t really my fault, just something on the template that Firefox couldn’t read or something like that lah.

Anyway, I consulted my PC technician AKA Rob and he helped me figure out some html codes (which I am SUCH a beginner at). Robbie fixed it! Isn’t he wonderful? 😀 Thanks honey! Wuv you.

So now my blog is IE AND Firefox friendly. Enjoy!

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