Pain in the neck!

October 6, 2006

Wow, what a dinner I had. I’m so full right now. I love Thai food. 😀

Oh, before I forget Happy Mooncake Festival everyone!

The haze is getting worse by the day. I’d post up pictures but it doesn’t do much justice to the sight and smell the people in Kuching have to deal with. I hear it’s quite bad in KL as well. My neck is a pain, literally. I think I need a new pillow, even worse maybe a new mattress. My neck has been sore for the last 4 days or so. It gives me headaches. 🙁 I’ve been feeling tired too. Don’t know why. Maybe it’s the pain in the neck. 😛 I fell asleep yesterday afternoon while reading a book. It’s either I’m THAT tired or that book was THAT boring. Take your pick. lol

The meeting with my professor got canceled and is rescheduled for next Tuesday. I was told that my proposal presentation will tentatively be in the first week of November. We shall see if it really goes through.

Rob bought me a winter coat today. I made him “model” it for me on webcam. LOL How I wish I screenshot it. It would be good for blackmail in the future. *evil laugh* I totally love the coat by the looks of it. It has a fur collar and hood and also a belt to tie on the waist. Thanks honey!

20 more days til my escapade!

One more month til my birthday!

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