October 7, 2006

I’m sitting at home on a Saturday night, scanning the crap outta my drive because my laptop has locked up twice this afternoon and it’s got me a bit nervous considering the amount of stuff I have saved in my drive.

So, to be safe I’ve already burnt all my pictures and document files onto a few CDs. I don’t have a DVD burner. 🙁 I want one. *whines*

My celaka Sharp player is skipping tracks. It won’t play ermmm “homemade” CDs very well. *sigh* I want a CD/VCD/DVD/mp3 player. *whines*whines*

Here’s a partial chat between Rob and I:

Rob: otay, bed time for bobby
Me: errrr ? bobby?
Rob: 😀
Me: I dont want bobbu (typo cos the u is next to the y) (I call him Robbie, never Bobby)
Me: oops, I mean bobby
Me: I want robbie
Me: Hiiiiiiii bobbu
Rob: lol
Me: *blush*
Rob: shinnu! (he calls me Shinnie)
Me: *straight face yahoo smiley* with an exclamation point!
Me: that sounds like a name for a whale species
Rob: It does?
Me: uhuh or a whale’s name
Me: like shamu
Rob: (at the same time) Are you thinking of shamu?
Me: Yeah!
Me: shamu…shinnu…see it sounds alike
Me: I’m a whale *straight face*

Yes, I know we are weird. That’s okay though, cos we’re HAPPY =D

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