October 14, 2006

OMG My brain hurts so much right now. I’m gonna cry!

I have been going through websites of Thailand’s cellphone service carriers. I’ve found DTAC’s Happy and AIS’s One-2-call but I don’t understand Thai to get the answers I need. *cries*

I keep clicking for the English version but it comes out in Thai and even if there is English, it’s not sufficient information for me. My brain hurts. *pout*

Someone please help me, pretty pretty please?

I need to know:

1) How much is a starter kit?
2) How much is IDD calls to the US and Malaysia?
3) How much is an international SMS?
4) Where do I buy a starter kit? Do I have to go to a specific store?
5) In general, which cellphone carrier is better?

HELLPPPP!!! I’m going to go cry now. *whines*

2 responses to “HELP!!”

  1. fiona says:

    Maybe u should check it out at the telecommunication stores in town…I guess they will know and might offer something u want.

  2. Shin says:

    Yeah, I have thought about that. I’m just worried I won’t have the time to stop at a tele store. We have an itinerary to follow.

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