October 19, 2006


I got a TV in my room now. *does the snoopy dance*

For those who have heard me complain, you will understand why I’m happy.

For those who don’t know, let me explain. We have a big TV downstairs while my parents have a TV in their room. That means I have to constantly fight for the TV with another habitat in the house. It’s really simple, whoever turns on the TV owns the TV for that time. Most of the shows I want to watch comes on after 10pm. When IT comes home (most of the time after 9.30pm), IT hogs the TV until IT has to go out again OR fall asleep. Usually, it’s either watching DVDs or playing on the PS2, which takes hours most of the time. So that means I can’t watch anything I want.

Anyway I have been complaining to the parents about that and how unfair it is that IT hogs the TV everytime IT is home. Their suggestion is to put a TV in my room and I can watch whatever I want, whenever I want. Unfortunately, my room isn’t exactly a presidential suite. I don’t have space for a TV, at least not a big one. Then, a couple nights ago, I mentioned that I could probably fit a smaller TV in my room. My parents’ old TV (which has no remote so you can imagine how old it is) is left unused in the room downstairs so my dad cleaned and tested it out. It still works!!!

My lil TV sitting next to my fan. See how nice the color is?

Voila! The TV is mine now. I had to move things around to get a perfect spot for the TV. Now I’m happy happy happy. The downside of this is that this TV doesn’t have a remote. So, I can’t do my habitual channel surfing when there is a commercial break on the channel I am watching. Hey, it’s better than nothing!

I was driving behind a police truck of convicts on Tuesday on the way to lunch with my aunt and cousin. I took the liberty to sneak a picture. Two policemen were sitting outside the cell and another two inside the cell. If my eyesight was working, I think there were 5 convicts in there, wearing orange jumpsuits. Heh

Oh, Tuesday night was my last night tutoring devil’s children. I’m feeling quite happy about that. I can watch Grey’s Anatomy on NTV7!!!

5 more days until my escapade! Still haven’t gotten info on the cellphone service. Anyone know?

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