Funny things (for me) in Bangkok

November 16, 2006

Disclaimer: Not meant to offend anyone ok? This is just for fun.

Normal looking sign right you see at the airport right? Well, look closer…

Cute right?

There are seperate prayer rooms (surau) for men and women at the airport and the signs are very much fair and equal. One for men, another for women with a tudung (head scarf). Gender equality!!!! I think that’s funny and cute considering I’ve never seen this kinda sign in Kuching, or in Malaysia for that matter. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Next, my cousin and I bought this at a 7-11. We needed snacks for the ride back to Bangkok from Pattaya. From the packaging we knew it was seaweed of some sort. We finally realized what it’s called in the van and laughed our asses off.

Big shit…ermm I mean Big SHEET anyone?

Last but not least, for those of you who have been following the “nok” talk in that tagboard, this will be funny for you. I laughed…

It is with honor, I present to you…..


I really don’t want to know what are served for “refreshments” during the flight or how the seats in the plane look like or what style uniforms the flight attendants wear. :S

By the way, I call the Thai writing “taugeh” AKA beansprouts. I can’t help it! It looks like taugeh with the curly curly things. I think it’s kinda cute. 😀

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