November 27, 2006

Rob and I were goofing off last night (as any other night HEH) and talked about having our own little island country. We were coming up with names for our country, i.e. Monkeyland, LaLaLand, Pankey (panda AKA me and monkey AKA Rob), Manda etc etc.

Slowly it evolved into RoShin (Rob & Shin), then Roshina (which I said sounded like a Malay girl’s name) and VOILA I thought of Roshinia! Sounds European doesn’t it? But not to be confused with Romania ok? 😛

The country of Roshinia will consist of a lil island somewhere in Pacific Ocean (preferably) where the weather is wonderful all year long. Not too hot, nor too cold. =D

So with that said, I’m a loyal and proud citizen of Roshinia. I’m a Roshinian! All are welcome! 😀


I just got another 6 books from the library this morning. I’ve decided to also adapt the World Systems theory for my research, so I got a couple of paradigm books by Immanuel Wallerstein. If you wanna know more about this theoretical paradigm, Wiki it.

In the mean time, I will be burying myself with the books.


17 more days til I freeze my ass in New York!!!
21 more days til I get a kiss from Robbie!!! \o/

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