December 6, 2006

I just emailed the proposal to the supervisor. Hopefully this time it won’t get “rejected” again.

That means I’m done!!! WOOHOO!!!

I read it over a couple times on the laptop. Then I printed it out and read it again. It doesn’t look that bad at all. The perfectionist in me would’ve love to work on it more but the procratinator in me would wait til the last minute (AGAIN).

ANYWAY, tomorrow onwards I shall be doing lots of planning and getting excited with Robbie. *jumps in joy* I’ve never been so excited in my life…wait, I have been this excited before. It was before Rob came over.

Man, I love this feeling. The adrenaline is just pumping away. I’m not even so worried about the 20 something flight time anymore. I just really wanna see the United States of America!!! It may not seem like a big deal to most of you but for me it’s HUGE. I’ve dreamed of going to the States since I was a little girl. Even better now that I’m going to see Rob at the same time!!!

Are you guys sick of me talking about visiting the States yet? lol I just can’t help it. I’m so excited. Yes, I know I said that like a gazillion times. Okay, let’s move on to something else.


Oh yes, tomorrow I’m heading to the library to return some books (seeing as I don’t need them when I’m in the states!). Ooops, I just did it again, didn’t I? Heh

I’m meeting Akiko (yes, Japanese girl, not some ah lian) at the library. She wants to see me, not too sure why. Perhaps just to hang out I suppose. Later, at night I’m going to a little farewell party of sorts for a friend at a friend’s house. Will definitely post pictures up for that.

Speaking of pictures, I have a few to post up. Just haven’t had the time to transfer them to the laptop. My keyboard is fading on me. It works fine, just that the letters are really faded. Rob’s gonna give me a new keyboard!!!

Errr, back to non-US-related stuff…

I’m so diggin’ the new song by Take That. I never thought they would come back with a new song. It’s called “Patience” if you don’t already know. I used to be such a fan of Take That. I love their songs. Listening to this new song brought me down memory lane, so I “gathering” old Take That songs. Who can forget Gary Barlow’s “Forever Love”? It was my favorite love song at the time. I think I used to drool when I heard that song. LOL

Anyway it’s after 1am. I should go to bed. I really do wanna get 8 hours of sleep for a change. Goodnight guys!

P/S Yes I know I’m in a bubbly mood at 1 freaking am.

P/S/S Promise I’ll write a “worthy” post soon.

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