Greetings from New York

December 15, 2006

Hello!!! 😀

New York is boootiful AND busy! I hear police sirens right now. I hear it almost every hour, even at 3am. So you can imagine how crazy it is where I’m staying. My cousin says we’re a few blocks from Central Park and it is possible to walk there.

The lights are amazing downtown. We past Times Square (where the NYE celebrations always take place in New York) and saw the Empire State Building in red and green lights. How pretty!

It’s currently 6.40am here. I can’t sleep anymore. I keep waking up every hour.

Oh, weather is nice. Not as cold as I expected. I think it’s around 7C now.

Anyway, I think it’s after 7am now so I better get going. Thinking of walking to Central Park. We’re gonna go pick a Christmas tree later in the afternoon and decorate it! A REAL Christmas tree!!!

Will post pics soon. Til then, bye!~

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